Healing In The Hood Organization

The Vision:

The Healing In The Hood Organization was founded on a Dream. The dream is that every man is empowered, and that each of us encourage each other to become the man that we were created to become. Our Organization is quite unique due to the composition of our staff. Together we have formulated a staff of Great men who was once part of the same group of people that we are trying so diligently to impact in this organization. We sometimes refer to ourselves as the kicked out crowd, or should I say the misunderstood crowd. There are many of us who have made decisions in life that we regret , and some had grave consequences. The need is so great to reach out to our fellow brethren and to inform each of them that the decisions and consequences that was made in our lives could be prevented in theirs, but if one has made a wrong choice we believe in second chances and encouragement and empowerment to liberate one to become successful.  This organization is not only targeting a certain area or certain people, but we are encouraging a renewed way of thinking. Everything starts with how we view ourselves, and we will provoke every man child born to DREAM big and picture yourself becoming successful, and then you will become the person you see. The vision of this organization was formulated while witnessing the rapid downfall of men. Many of whom are our younger generation, and in some form or another is connected to a member of our organization. Although there are several efforts being put forth to enhance literacy, reduce poverty, and promote personal development and character, none to my knowledge have been implemented with such a unique group of men. Although we are not glorifying criminal punishment or promoting the idea of people who were affiliated with gangs and drugs, we are fortunate to have people that have partaken in such activities been in the judicial system, and even wounded by violent force is definitely a benefit, but by the grace of God have changed their lives. As we take a look around us, the fact remains that crime is on the rise and it’s going to take a joint effort of people to combat this epidemic. We have no more time to set around and contemplate a plan that may or may not work. Our group recognizes a desperate need and will by all means fight for the cause of empowering our brothers. I have been given a mandate to carry out, and with this being the will of God and this Great staff of men who surrounds me, the plan will prosper.