The Healing In The Hood Organization was founded on a Dream.  A dream of empowering all men, and encouraging each of us to become the man that we were created to be.  Our organization is unique because we represent the kicked out crowd. Healing In the Hood is composed of a bunch of ex's (drug dealers, robbers, thieves, etc...)  Now God has given us a new mindset and determination to give back to the same people we used to be without belittlement or ridicule. Our organization is not targeting just a certain area or certain people; we are focused on a renewed way of thinking.  Everything starts with how we see ourselves, and our mission is to provoke every man child born to DREAM big, see yourself successful, and become what you see.  This organization promote a alcohol and drug free community.  Please take the drug free pledge with us.  God Bless you all and we are looking forward to becoming your brother.

Healing In The Hood Members